Client Testimonials

Jennifer is an exceptional recruiter, none the likes I have ever encountered. When she reached out to me as a potential candidate it was clear that she had spent time getting to know her client and their specific needs. In turn, she spent significant time getting to know me. It is clear that she is committed to finding an appropriate match for both sides of the equation and not simply a quick paycheck. I will not hesitate to reach out to her in the future if there is a need. Nancy

I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Jennifer and to have her play an important role in my organization. Even though Jennifer didn't report directly to me, I would often request that she lead important projects that required superior detail and/or communication skills. She always went out of her way to exceed expectations and to dig deeper to find a better way. In my experience, Jennifer always takes pride in making sure that things are better when she leaves than they were before she became involved.
The following are some of the qualities that impressed me most during my time working with Jennifer:
Jennifer brought a wealth of knowledge to our organization, in part, because she loves to learn new things.
Jennifer thinks outside the box and strives to create better processes and ways to communicate.
She has superior skills in both written and verbal communication with the ability to communicate well to the most senior levels of management as well as to entry level employees and key customers.
She is bright, articulate and detail oriented with the ability to simplify complex issues.
She is honest and trustworthy and not afraid to speak her mind when it's important regardless of the audience.
She is willing to volunteer to take on the difficult assignments that many try to avoid.
She has a true passion for improving the experience for both internal and external customers and she cares deeply for the people she works with as well as those she serves.
Jennifer Chavez would be a true asset to any organization that is lucky enough to have her. Joe